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Stephanie Goos Johnson

Stephanie Goos Johnson lives at Far Fields Farm in Washington, Connecticut — in a home that has been in her family for four generations. She has a beautiful and inspiring setting in which to paint and raise her three boys. Alongside the chaos, she tries to be a little bit creative and grow every day.

Her professional foray into the arts began with a BFA in Graphic Design followed by a stint in packaging design and various freelance gigs. She began painting out of a longing to express the eternal cycles of nature and the way they reflected the inherent changes in life.

“Making art requires that you pay attention — that you notice the light, the seasons and the little joys that make our spiritual connection with the earth. It is a process of discovery and constant change. Adding and pushing the paint on the canvas creates and uncovers new forms, lines and shapes. It is an adventure and a treasure hunt — a journey through hope, inspiration and sometimes frustration. I experiment with different moods, colors and compositions in pursuit of creating paintings with unique sense of place. I hope in each work to demonstrate the fun inherent in the journey of painting and in life, and that my work reveals the moments in nature (and in life) that can change from dramatic to peaceful and back again. Creating art and cultivating a creative life is a wonderful privilege.”

To find out more about Stephanie and her work, go to her website:
To inquire about a commission or to purchase a painting, contact Stephanie at: [email protected]

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