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Jack Rosenberg

Artist Jack Rosenberg is a Washington resident who has been painting since 2006.

“My art reflects the complex and many-faceted aesthetic pleasures that the tradition of painting offers me. My recent work, which has many faces—both literally and metaphorically—is a hybrid of traditional and contemporary values and concerns. The process of painting challenges me to seek, identify and bring forth something special. Each finished painting is a unique statement and has a “voice” of its own. The varied portraits and figures that I include are brought into my own kind of painted language, layered with conceptual and perceptual revelations.

I use traditional and reliable materials: mostly oil paint on canvas or panel. My working methods are also consistent and I begin each work by working from life, photos and/or found images. The variety of my finished paintings reflects my exploratory processes and the many varied and searching interactions I have with each work in progress. It is an evolutionary process without a predetermined outcome.

I have a general idea of what I want to accomplish; the canvas has its own idea of what it wants to be; and at some point we come to a mutual agreement. My individual works morph into sequences and series, often generating a variety of sizes and iterations. In turn, each new series takes me into new territory, leading me—both intuitively and intellectually—towards my next body of work.”

Jack also enjoys photography and featured here are outdoor photographs taken in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.


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You may contact Jack Rosenberg at: [email protected]
To see Jack’s paintings, go to his website:


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