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With new owners and updates but the same friendly atmosphere, the Litchfield Paint Company is open this summer and ready for business.
Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Jerry Saltz dreamed of a career on the other side of the easel—as a real artist.
Thinking of planting a backyard orchard? Peter Montgomery of Montgomery Gardens and Heirloom Orchards in Warren offers tips for newbie growers.
At Byrde + the b, a full-service luxury salon in Washington Depot, Lucy Callaway and Scott Bond stand ready to renew and rejuvenate hair.
Carol Bergren Santoleri literally walked upon the subject of her latest book “The History of Steep Rock Association: The Jewel in the Crown.”
The comprehensive team at Dental Associates of Connecticut has brightened smiles, eased pain, and delivered outstanding quality care.
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Anthony D'Amelio, pastry chef and baker at Swyft Restaurant in Kent, turns every person into a dessert eater.
What makes Mizza’s so great? It’s not the décor, which is pretty basic. But don’t get thrown by that. The reason to come is for the food.
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Calling All Johnny Appleseed Wannabees
By Wendy Carlson @wendycarlson 

Thinking of planting a backyard orchard? Peter Montgomery of Montgomery Gardens and Heirloom Orchards in Warren offers tips for newbie growers.

Fertilize three times a year—spring, when trees need nutrients to produce foliage, blossom and fruit; summer, as the fruit is developing; and fall, when half of the foliage has fallen.

Prune in winter to open canopies to allow more sunlight. Only 3 percent of the blossoms need to be fertilized to yield a large harvest. Semi-dwarfing trees, now commonly planted, are easier to prune. 

Zap fungi and insects organically. Try Bonide copper fungicide and use their organic insecticide: Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew. Organic products protect the early native fruit pollinizers such as Blue Orchard Bees. Never use nicotine or tobacco-related insecticides, which is deadly to bees.

Yield varies between apple and pear—and stone fruit trees. Some apple trees produce every other year, depending on the variety and whether trees are recovering from a bumper crop. Stone fruit are self-fertile and are consistent producers year after year. Plant a neighboring peach, nectarine, or Asian pear to increase yield.

Beware of weather. Snow protects young spring roots from frost damage and dry weather produces more concentrated flavors and sugars. Late April cold snaps often kill the earliest fruit blossoms, while wet summers can lead to fungal issues. 

Recommended fruit trees for Litchfield County: heirloom apples, and more recent disease resistant cultivars; peaches, nectarines, and Asian pears.

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Litchfield Paint and Wallpaper 
By Harry Harwood

In August of 1978, John and Ann Winter, along with their four children, moved from New York City to Litchfield where they opened up a paint and wallpaper business with John’s brother. With the need for a new paint store in Litchfield, the Winter’s business was off to a successful start. Being the person who interacted most with customers, John fondly recalls his experience working with the people of Litchfield: “The business was supported by it’s great customers, and we became friends in many cases.” While John worked with the customers, Ann operated the office. “As far as I’m concerned, she did the harder work.”

Full story - link in bio ‘On Our Radar’

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