Litchfield County: Happening in the Hills
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Faces, places, treasures, and trends that caught our attention
For car enthusiasts, the best way to enjoy this historic Salisbury venue is by being a Lime Rock Drivers Club member.
Taylor Spellman’s passion, attention to detail, and artistic touch have revolutionized decor concepts since she launched her company.
Clohessy never encouraged either son to follow him into acting, although he did drag them to the theater whenever he was performing.
After owning a barber shop for 26 years and desiring new challenges and adventures, Serra joined Byrde + the b’s BYRDEMAN.
Joel Viehland shares his Litchfield County faves, from where he gets his spices to his favorite farmers markets.
A big smile, cozy atmosphere, good food, unique merchandise. These are a few of the things one can always rely on at The Pantry.
Featured Eats
Restaurants, libations, and local food
Anthony D'Amelio, pastry chef and baker at Swyft Restaurant in Kent, turns every person into a dessert eater.
What makes Mizza’s so great? It’s not the décor, which is pretty basic. But don’t get thrown by that. The reason to come is for the food.
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No. 29 on our 50 Things to Do This Summer in Litchfield County is to stop by @whiteflowerfarm in Morris. They have a variety of different plants and many beautiful display gardens. 

Read our full list - link in bio. 

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The Barber of the Depot⁠
By Clementina Verge⁠
This tattooed, motorcycle-riding, holistic, Reiki master with a passion for nutrition and yoga also has a way with scissors that leaves clients feeling and looking refreshed. Meet James Serra, a second generation barber who Litchfield Magazine readers voted “Best Barber” for three consecutive years. Now entering his third year with BYRDEMAN at Byrde + the b, Serra is a longtime expert in the art of classing barbering, but with modern touches.⁠
After owning a barber shop for 26 years and desiring new challenges and adventures, Serra joined Byrde + the b’s BYRDEMAN—an award-winning, full-service luxury salon and barber shop in Washington Depot—bringing passion and decades of experience.⁠
“My dad was a barber,” Serra reminisces. “My aunt and great aunt were hairdressers. They owned a side-by-side barber shop and beauty salon, and it was my second home.”⁠
Full story - link in bio ‘On Our Radar’⁠
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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! We hope you have a wonderful day and celebration. In this story Robert Clohessy’s two sons Byron and Myles Clohessy follow in their father’s footsteps into the world of acting. 

A Family Tradition⁠
Two Sons Follow in Their Father’s Footsteps⁠
By Joseph Montebello @joseph.montebello⁠
@clohessyrobert @myleswyattclohessy⁠
It is not uncommon for a son to have a career in the same business as his father. But it’s unique for two sons to follow a parent’s line of work and be successful at it. Such is the case with actor Robert Clohessy and his sons Byron and Myles. All three are thriving in the world of entertainment. Clohessy, a West Cornwall resident, is a seasoned actor who has done his share of acting on stage, in the movies, and on television, most recently as Lieutenant Sid Gormley in “Blue Bloods,” now entering its 11th season. In a sea of cop shows it is among the most popular.⁠
“I keep thinking they are going to kill me off,” Clohessy jokes. “But I make them all laugh on the set so they decided to keep me. Tom Selleck does a great job of focusing the whole show. In addition to the drama and conflict, the family seated around the dinner table in the closing scene, resonates with so many viewers.”⁠
Full story - link in bio ‘On Our Radar’ ⁠
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Church Bells
By Harry Harwood @hharwood_

The ringing of church bells is a historical tradition practiced in many small communities here in Litchfield County. Originating during the Middle Ages in Europe, the sounding of church bells initially served as not only reminders of the time, but also as a spiritual calling. Many churches today still ring their bells as calls to prayer and mass.

Plymouth Hollow, built in 1837 and located in Thomaston, is recognized as Connecticut’s first Congregational Church. This church recently underwent the construction of a new steeple, despite keeping their original bell. The ringing of this ancient bell previously acted as the town’s clock, as it signified lunchtime or when frantically rang, an emergency. Located on Main Street, the Church remains in the center of the community, which allows the bells to be easily heard throughout town.

The First Congregational Church, in Woodbury, had a bell specially cast for it in 1790 by the notable Connecticut clock-maker, Benjamin Hanks of Litchfield. Hanks made church bells that were especially high in demand in the late 1700s and even cast a bell for Litchfield’s meetinghouse. In addition to The First Congregational Church, four other Churches are located along Woodbury’s Main Street, and each of their bells can be heard during different times of the day. 

Whether it’s to signal that service is about to begin, mark each hour from late morning to early evening, or to honor a special occasion like a wedding, you’ll hear the pleasant ring of church bells almost everywhere you go in Litchfield County. 

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Spring Hill Arts Gathering lineup will include Ariana DeBose, Sophie B. Hawkins, Alex Newell, and more great performers! Check out their page @springhillartsgathering and their website for a full schedule. 

The festival will have family friendly activities, food vendors, live music, and dances—making for a very fun time! 

Tickets are available on starting at $45 for day passes and FREE tickets for Washington Town Residents on August 8.

Children 12 and under are free every day.

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Joel Viehland’s Faves

Joel Viehland has worked at award-winning restaurants such as New York’s Gramercy Tavern, Noma in Copenhagen, Herbsaint and Bayona in New Orleans, before becoming opening chef at @communitytablect where he was nominated for three James Beard Awards and named Best Small Town Chef in America by Cooking Light. In 2017 Joel opened @swyftct in Kent. When the pandemic hit, Joel decided to sell Swyft opting to focus on special events for private clients.⁠
What are your favorite local farmers markets?⁠
I’ve been going to the Litchfield Farmers’ Market since I moved here in 2010. It’s always been the largest and most consistent in our little area but recently I’m also impressed with the Washington Farmers’ Market in the Depot. It has an incredible selection of great quality stuff for its size. I typically look for really nice berries or heirloom tomatoes. I love white currants so if they have them I’m definitely buying them.⁠
Where do you like to pick up fresh bread? ⁠
When I’m not making my own bread, Bantam Bread makes a solid loaf, especially their olive bread. Whitney, formerly of 9 Main, makes a great country loaf under the name Farmers & Cooks.⁠
Where do you like to get local tomatoes? ⁠
If the weather isn’t optimal for tomatoes to ripen sufficiently or if there is too much rain and blite sets in, then I’ll usually seek out a farm that uses green houses or a hoop house to grow them. So for this I will go to Megan Haney at Marble Valley Farm in Kent or March Farm in Bethlehem. If the season is great weather wise there are several great options: Helmstead Farm, Waldingfield Farm, Rock Cobble Farm, and Vibrant Farm all grow superb tomatoes.⁠
Full list - link in bio ‘On Our Radar’⁠
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