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Who was Elihu?

DR. ELIHU SMITH (who lived on North St. in Litchfield) was unrelenting in his efforts to battle the yellow fever epidemic of 1793. Born in 1771, Elihu graduated from Yale at the age of 15. He received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and began a practice in New York City. Elihu worked tirelessly to find a cause and treatment for the deadly yellow fever virus, as the epidemiology and treatment were matters of dispute. Personal opinions were influenced by political and religious beliefs. Theories of the cause included rotting coffee beans or simply breathing air itself. Even after mosquitoes were proven to be the cause, skepticism remained. In 1900, the Washington Post reported, “of all the silly and nonsensical rigamarole about yellow fever that has yet found its way into print, the silliest beyond compare is to be found in the mosquito hypothesis”. Before transmission from mosquitoes was realized, Elihu determined a correlation between yellow fever and standing water. Controversial treatments included drink- ing wine and cinchona bark, taking cold baths, and even mercury treatments. Elihu, along with his mentor Dr. Rush, promoted bloodletting, or purging the body of the disease through blood loss. Although Elihu did not discover the cause or the cure, he dedicated his life to trying. Elihu died of yellow fever in 1798, when he was just 27 years old.
Photograph:  Collection of the Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, Connecticut.

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