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Read our collection of essays about the impact of COVID-19. All pieces were written by Litchfield County residents.


Visko Hatfield
They say golf and tennis are sports one never ages out of. Throw rowing in there as well. Just check out the Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, founded in 1978 to promote the sport for the residents of the area. Sure, the club boasts a vibrant junior membership, many of whom go on to row in college, some even attaining scholarships. But there are also many adults, or “masters” in sportspeak. All ages blend into one harmonious collection of rowers, super supportive of one another and passionate about the sport.
Kimnberly Ayers Shariff
Each year we are excited and surprised by the amazing and fascinating people we discover who contribute to making Litchfield County the unique place that it is. Enjoy this annual list of the Litchfield 25 for 2020.
Ryan Lavine
When Covid-19 swept in, restaurants closed to crowds for the first time since anyone could remember. They could, however, keep their kitchens functioning to feed us. Venturing out for curbside pickup became something of a special mission—a permission slip to tiptoe off property.
Ryan Lavine
Dr. Eric Salk, a 23-year veteran physician in the Emergency Department at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, squeezed in a walk with us this spring during the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis. Birds obliviously chirp in the background as he relayed the bottom-line difficulty of the new disease: “It’s actually very frustrating for health care workers, because there is so little we can do, except supportive care.”
Eagle Rock Summer Camp
Summer camp in Litchfield County will operate a bit differently this year. Meeting all of the health and safety guidelines set forth by the state, campers can expect some changes. It will be different, yes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun! Here is a list of day camps in Litchfield County open this summer:
Allie Steers
Covid-19 has taught me something I’ve been trying to learn my entire adult life: We can grow, move on, and experience “new pastures.” We can fight for change but to do so, we must not forget to keep intact the roots of all the freedoms we enjoy, which are often the smaller ones we tend to take for granted.
Olivia Norris
As protests over racial injustice mobilize the country, Conversations On the Green is holding a necessary and difficult conversation about race. On June 28 at 3 pm, "Democracy In Color” a FREE livestream discussion will take place with three nationally known civil rights activists.
Robert Benson
Roxbury architects Charles Haver and Stewart Skolnick received the go-ahead in September 2018 to design a swimming pool, pool house, and gardens on a 70-acre gentleman’s farm in Washington.
Florin Firimita
It seems that God is going to deduct this entire year out of our paychecks. Everything these days—the past, the present and the future—is at a standstill. We are living inside a horizontal hourglass. Within this parenthesis, I feel wealthy:
Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 120-year-old Rumsey Hall School existed humbly as a premiere junior boarding and day school tucked away in the Shepaug Valley of Washington—some knew of it, some didn’t. 
Jimmy Ienner, Jr.
When a covert agent surfaces in an exotic location in spy movies, trouble isn’t far behind. So when Loch Johnson, a leading expert on U.S. intelligence organizations, moved from his longtime home in Athens, Ga., to Salisbury last June, it meant something.
Now, as a Political Science and English double major, I feel like I need to find a way to explain this bubble we have had to slowly construct around ourselves. I write my way through these enclosures because it’s a quaint little form of escapism. At the same time, I wanted to do it through structure: through T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men.”
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