Living Well in Litchfield County, Connecticut

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Restaurants, libations, and local food
Antoine Bootz
American Food with an Asian Twist
Ryan Lavine
Momma’s Tacos Offers True Mexican Cooking
Antoine Bootz
Winvian Farm’s Five-Star Dining Experience
Ryan Lavine
Adam Lerner
Charcoal Chef in Woodbury serves up good old-fashioned stick-to-your-ribs cooking that will gratify your taste buds as much as your bank account.
Philip Dutton
Whether because of its location along a busy road, its charming décor, or the quality of its food, The White Horse is clearly one of the most popular restaurants in the county.
Philip Dutton
Before opening Materia in March with his brother Michael, he was cooking in southern Tuscany for three years and before that worked for five years at Le Bernardin, arguably the world’s greatest seafood restaurant. 
Dane Tashima
“We don’t need to have a fancy menu. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be refined. The goal is to make the White Hart a place where the whole community can come.”
Chef Carlos Perez has been at @ The Corner since May of 2020 and has led a remarkable turnaround at what had once been a local burger joint.
Sari Goodfriend
Veteran chef Robert Arbor has opened Le Gamin, what is arguably the best authentic French bistro in Litchfield County.
Anthony D'Amelio, pastry chef and baker at Swyft Restaurant in Kent, turns every person into a dessert eater.
Kate Uhry
What makes Mizza’s so great? It’s not the décor, which is pretty basic. But don’t get thrown by that. The reason to come is for the food.
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