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frank. food company Opens in West Cornwall
Ryan Lavine

frank. food company Opens in West Cornwall

By Charles Dubow

There are many reasons to celebrate the arrival of frank. food company in West Cornwall. First, it is only the latest new business in the village as part of West Cornwall Development Group’s project aiming to revitalize the local economy. Second, it has gladdened the hearts of those loyal customers who were fans of the food that frank. had previously been serving in Kent. Last, it’s really good.

“I call my food ‘elevated home cooking,’” says owner Frank Way. “I want to give people something that they will love to eat but that doesn’t overly complicate things or cost too much. But there’s always a twist. It’s not just a burger I’m serving. It’s a burger sourced from a local farm and served with pickled red onion and a slightly spicy homemade heirloom tomato jam.”

The menu is deceptively simple. Open for brunch and dinner Thursday through Sunday, Frank wants to make sure that for both weekenders and locals, from Neapolitan-style pizzas to salads to fish and chips to buttermilk brined chicken to Devil’s food cake, there is something for everybody. 

Frank’s route to West Cornwall was a circuitous one. “I was in advertising and brand consulting for years,” he said, and had worked with such clients as Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart, and Condé Nast. “My husband and I had been coming up on weekends to Kent and then a few years ago I decided I was done with the city, done with the world of advertising, and wanted a new adventure.”

 “I wasn’t trained as a professional chef. I’m basically someone who likes to cook for a dinner party. I want to treat people here as though they are coming to my home. My strength is hospitality. To me, food is love and I want people to feel loved by the experience of eating here.”

The décor of the restaurant reflects the ethos of the menu. Clean, comfortable, and charming, it sits opposite the Housatonic in an idyllic setting. Just the place to come on a weekend to decompress with friends and loved ones, sit outside, and have a few drinks and frankly good food.

34 Lower River Road, West Cornwall,, 860-248-3250 

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