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Committed to Skin Health at Byrde + the b

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By Clementina Verge

At Byrde + the b, a Washington Depot salon that is part oasis and part contemporary art gallery, beauty is more than skin deep. It graces the walls, infiltrates natural skincare products, and encompasses a space featuring state of the art technology and experts committed to skin health.

“Self-care is so important, and now more than ever,” noted head aesthetician Barbara Tilley, a Litchfield County native whose grandmother inspired a lifelong passion by teaching her the importance of skincare. “In order to take care of the people around you, you first need to take care of yourself. Our skin is the largest organ, our first defense for a lot of outside elements, so it’s important that we take care of it as part of our overall health.”

Facials are an optimal way to repair and rejuvenate, but at Byrde + the b the service goes far beyond reclining in a chair with a face mask. Tilley, who joined the salon two years ago, taylors each 50-60 minute experience to the needs of the customer. “You will never get the same facial twice,” she explained. ”You will get the same level of care, but as skin changes or is affected by environmental factors, you will get the best treatment for improving the skin at that particular time.”

Her weapon for leaving skin refreshed, hydrated, and deeply nourished is a unique clinical facial that combines Environ products with revolutionary skincare technology, targeting the root cause of individual skin concerns.

Byrde + the b
“A facial is certainly meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, but first and foremost, it is meant to improve the overall health of the skin,” noted Tilley, explaining that her preferred Environ skincare line—developed by a plastic surgeon—is medical-grade yet features environmentally-friendly products and is anchored in Vitamin A, which is imperative to skin health and resilience.

In addition to securing a new glow, a visit to Byrde + the b also means that you can toss the eyelash curler and mascara. A lash lift and tint will make morning routines easier and eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance. Other services include brow shaping, tinting, and sugaring hair removal.

Sugaring, an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal, is superior to others because it is100 percent natural—Tilley uses organic sugarpaste—and minimizes skin irritation while reducing hair breakage. When done consistently to the same area, it also discourages hair regrowth.

byrde + the b

Regardless of age and gender, whether your skin needs LED light therapy or an extra dose of Vitamin A, schedule an appointment with Tilley. Skincare consultations are also offered digitally using newly developed technology that allows clients to meet in person, fill out online questionnaires, or chat via Zoom.

“I feel grateful when someone leaves the salon feeling more beautiful, less stressed, recharged, and more confident about themselves,” declared Scott Bond, owner and Creative Director. “It is like giving someone a fresh start, and I am especially grateful for Barbara and the staff for making people feel this way.”

Byrde + the b
10 Titus Road, Washington

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