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The “Greening Up’’ of Byrde + the b
By Clementina Verge


Beauty goes beyond skin deep. Every minute, the cosmetic industry in North America generates some 877 pounds of waste, affecting landfills, water sources, forests, and air quality, according to researchers. Not so at Byrde + the b and BYRDEMAN where allure extends beyond faces and bodies, to community resources and global environmental conservation efforts.

“I am super proud and beyond grateful,” expresses Scott Bond, owner of the award-winning, full service salon in Washington Depot. “My hard work has paid off. We have joined Green Circle and everything we do and use is recycled, from hair clippings and q-tips, to unused color, leaving the salon carbon neutral and sustainable.”

Bond’s commitment to natural beauty dates to 2008 when he developed his Byrde + the b and BYRDEMAN products featuring no synthetic ingredients, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. Instead, a hair appointment with Bond, senior stylist Lucy Callaway, or barber James Serra ensures that the shampoos, conditioners, and styling products touching your scalp and hair are infused with natural ingredients—such as organic neroli essential oil.

Beyond the Byrde + the b line and the new Byrde Dog Pet Shampoo (sold in house and at Depot Dog in Washington Depot), all products are sustainable and biodegradable. Davines hair care products, founded in Italy, are “super green” and carbon neutral, explains Bond, and now one of the preferred lines at a salon.

Bond chose Davines for its amazing results, but also for its dedication to carbon neutrality. Food-grade, compact packaging means flowers and vegetables can be grown in empty containers, while effective transport means less fossil fuel usage. Davines partnership with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity makes it possible to derive the oils of Salina caper buds provided by farmer Salvatore D’Amico and return the seeds to him to replant for the next crop. Caper bud extracts are rich in antioxidants and effective in protecting colored hair.

Environmental awareness and dedication continue head to toe. Unwanted hair removal performed by aesthetician Barbara Tilley uses sugar paste that is 100 percent biodegradable. Manicurist Debbie Dorfman exclusively uses Dazzle Dry nail products that are vegan, nutritious, and free of harsh chemicals.

While personal protective equipment is important, the frequency of its use can adversely affect landfills. Byrde + the b refuses to contribute to that problem.

Ballancer®Pro lymphatic drainage/massage suits hygienic liners are sustainable, spun, woven, and reusable. Gloves are recyclable. Instead of paper towels, clients and staff use washcloths that are sanitized and laundered. Detergent sheets ensure no waste and even the dish soap is biodegradable.

While the salon does its part to keep landfills low and waterways clean, it also proudly passes this status to clientele. Everyone enjoying Byrde + the b and BYRDEMAN services and products is sustainable and carbon neutral in this area of daily life.

“We want to make sure that we use what is good for the body and for the environment with the best result for the client,” Bond notes. “It is important to feel beautiful while also beautifying.”

Byrde + the b
10 Titus Rd

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