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As students return to classrooms, whether in person or online, a universal truth resurfaces each academic year: some fall behind while others are insufficiently challenged. Covid-19 has only further compounded this reality. One solution? Private tutoring. “Tutoring is for students who want more, not just need more,” noted Karen Saxe, founder of Titus Tutors in Washington Depot. “Both kinds of students can get lost in a large classroom.”

Discussing the challenges of remote education experienced since March, Saxe highlighted the positive impact of tutoring, including continued in-person teaching.

“Learning should be student-driven and we should teach using content that they are excited about,” remarked Saxe, a Rumsey Hall School educator whose experience spans 20 years as a certified Connecticut and Massachusetts teacher.

One-on-one instruction introduces personalized and interactive curriculums that best resonate with visual or auditory learners. It creates opportunities for all-encompassing teaching and interdisciplinary learning that enrich reading, writing, math, and research skills––while using preferred subjects, including science, history, or social studies.

This partnership is “not more work for students,” Saxe noted, but rather a substitute or extension of enrichment programs, allowing some to “catch up” and others to “identify early strengths and further their advancement.” It also eases the burden on parents whose responsibilities suddenly included teaching their children during the pandemic. “Tutoring becomes a liaison, or a supplement to support schools and families,” shares Saxe.


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