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New Dermatology Office Opens in New Preston  

By Clementina Verge

From obtaining an accurate diagnosis and treatment to achieving the best version of one’s self, the benefits of seeing a dermatologist run more than surface deep.

“The skin is the largest organ in our body and by far the most visible,” notes Dr. Andreas Boker, a Manhattan-based dermatologist who opened New Preston Dermatology in September. “It reflects our internal well-being and is a means of expressing self-confidence.”  

A professor in the Department of Dermatology at New York University, Dr. Boker has advanced fellowship training in specialized skin cancer surgery, as well as extensive experience with medical and surgical interventions and cosmetic procedures including injectables and lasers.

“I have always been drawn to the visual aspect of the field,” he explains. “As dermatologists, we are the ultimate diagnosticians because without fancy tools or testing, we are trained to recognize patterns, colors, shapes, and textures on the skin, helping us diagnose any given condition. But we are also artists, employing safe and effective procedures and technology to help patients restore their natural beauty.” 

Common ailments range from psoriasis, rosacea, to scarring and acne, whose effects on self-worth and morale can be devastating, Dr. Boker explains. He has witnessed countless lives changed by skin transformations: “Treating these conditions can improve patients’ appearance to the point where they achieve the confidence to pursue a new relationship, overcome depression, or pursue careers they otherwise would have avoided.”

Dr. Boker’s passion for meticulous work is backed by more than a decade of experience practicing in Manhattan, where he has earned multiple recognitions and maintains a busy practice with over 3,400 5-star reviews.

Five years ago, however, on a quest for tranquility from the city hustle and captivated by Litchfield County’s pastoral beauty, Boker purchased and restored an 1801 farmhouse in South Kent, and his fondness for the area increasingly grew.

“What made me want to spend more time here and do something professionally are the incredibly interesting people I have met,” he reminisces. “I have forged solid friendships that have inspired me to become a more permanent member of this wonderful community.”

Dr. Boker’s artistic eye and attention to detail are evident in his recently renovated office space in the heart of New Preston, where with help from a local architect, he aimed to preserve the charm of a historic building and merge it with state of the art medical equipment and furnishings.

“I want patients to feel comfortable and at ease in this space, especially when discussing or undergoing potential medical treatments,” he explains.

“Especially in Litchfield County, where people spend more time outdoors, skin cancer poses a serious concern,” he notes.

“It is the most common cancer seen in humans and is the direct result of cumulative sun exposure,” cautions Dr. Boker, who is extensively experienced in treating it using highly-specialized, minimally-invasive Mohs micrographic surgery.

Routine yearly skin exams are therefore paramount for monitoring new suspicious lesions or changing moles.

Whether you are seeking preventive care, cosmetic treatments, or guidance on a dermatological condition, Dr. Boker is excited to offer comprehensive care for all of your skin’s health needs. —

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