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Scotty’s Angels Byrde + the b – SPONSORED

Full-Throttle to Fabulous Hair

By Clementina Verge

When heinous crimes are committed against hair—either by neglect, at-home coloring attempts, or mishaps at other salons—Scotty’s Angels wield their talents to save the day. Equipped with a great sense of humor, dedication to healthy tresses, and outstanding products, the stylists at Byrde + the b stand poised to deliver iconic looks. No unfathomable amounts of hairspray required. 

“They are smart, confident, and execute revenge against faded hair and unflattering cuts,” Scott Bond, owner of the Washington Depot full-service luxury salon, shop, and art gallery, lightheartedly describes the trio he lovingly nicknamed. “Fabulous hair is pivotal to their mission.”

Meet Lucy Callaway—the blonde senior stylist—and Angela Zweifel—the super-talented redhead and newest team member who harness the power of color, extensions, flattering haircuts, and luxurious blowouts. Jesse Edholm—the brunette salon coordinator—has seamlessly organized and orchestrated appointments for more than two years.

“She’s the conductor of hair happiness and beauty,” Bond remarks. “We are a collaborative team. Everyone here shares the same knowledge, the same formulas, and the same work ethic. We want clients to be assured that whoever they book their appointments with, they will be working with highly-trained stylists who are committed to delivering the best services. We are all allies of health and beauty.”

Hair suffers injustice in many ways, including unflattering or harsh coloring and inadequate products that lack necessary ingredients to promote a healthy scalp and silky hair. 

The remedy awaits at Byrde + the b whose shampoos feature no synthetic additives, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. Instead, an appointment with any of the stylists ensures that what touches your body is infused with natural goodness—such as organic neroli essential oil. 

Beyond the Byrde + the b line, all products are sustainable and biodegradable, including one of the favorites—Davines—an Italian, “super green” line. The salon, in fact, has achieved carbon-neutral status; except for food waste, everything used is recycled, from hair clippings to q-tips and unused color.

To prepare for the cold months ahead, color should shift to richer tones, enhancing blondes, brunettes, and reds that have faded over the summer.   

“It is important to liven up the hair and balance out the pale skin surfacing during the winter months,” Bond explains. “We always want to keep up with trends but also stay on the pretty side of natural and chic.” 

Equally important are the Aura hyaluronic acid smoothing treatments that speed drying, eliminate frizz, and hydrate, leaving hair in a state that feels as natural as the day you were born. 

“People have a tendency to be wary of change, or nervous about an appointment with someone new,” Edholm notes. “We want to assure them that this is a space for people to come regardless of who is available in one’s hour of need. We fulfill the same quality of service to the same high standards.”

To commit a perfect crime, call for facial acupuncture and other beauty treatments delivered by the highly-trained aesthetics team. — 

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