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Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy Winter Tours

By Gavi Klein

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

The Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy in Litchfield is offering guided tours all throughout winter. This is the perfect activity for those looking for ways to spend some more relaxed time outdoors in the next few chilly months. Now through May 5 (when the Conservancy opens its doors for the official season), experienced aviculturists will offer private guided tours of their diverse collection of waterfowl. All throughout the year, these aviculturists are helping to breed, research, and protect these beautiful birds; they house one of the largest collections of waterfowl in the country, with multiple species of ducks, geese, swans, birds of prey, pheasants, cranes, and more. Contrary to popular belief, winter might actually be one of the best times to take a tour of the Conservancy, as January, February, and March are some of the months when the birds’ plumage is particularly brilliant during breeding season. With your 10-person (or less) group of choice, the expert leading the tour will show you some of the work that the Conservancy is doing through education, research and conservation efforts, helping maintain threatened or endangered waterfowl and wetland habitats in northwest Connecticut. Tours last 60 to 90 minutes. For environmentally-conscious Connecticut-dwellers, this is a great organization to support and a great activity to boot! —

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