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David Whitman shares his Litchfield County Faves

David Whitman, co-owner of Pergola Home, a unique and naturalistic boutique in New Preston shares his Litchfield Faves.

My “commute” down to PERGOLA in New Preston takes me from the northern edge of Litchfield County, near Salisbury, down along the Housatonic River and the Appalachian Trail, over the hill to Warren, and ending up at the shop above New Preston Falls. The Litchfield Hills provide different perspectives around every turn which inform and inspire my work at PERGOLA—the botanical layering, the mix of old and new, for inside and outside. I have been making this trek for over 15 years and have come to know and love many spots along the way. With my dog Misaki as co-pilot, we have several fave trailheads for walks just off this route. For the return trip, I usually head up the hill toward Sharon for the end-of-day light and to drop the kayak into one of the area ponds for a paddle before dinner. My husband Peter and I alternate shop days so we each have our own comings and goings with a variety of stops down and back.

Favorite trail:
The Appalachian Trail enters and exits Connecticut only in Litchfield County with well-marked, easy access trails. Misaki’s favorite is the trailhead hidden away on Water Street in Falls Village, just downstream from the Great Falls. A tree-lined flat path follows along the bank of the Housatonic.

For the garden:
The Salisbury Garden Center on Route 44 has an edited, high-quality selection of annuals and perennials for my spring container plantings. Find out when their plant deliveries are happening and get there first.

For on-the-road bites:
Dog bone cookies for her, the best scones in the county for me. Both can be found at Sweet William’s Bakery on Main Street in Salisbury, along with an excellent cup of coffee.

Dog essentials:
Dr. Dave and his wonderful team at Sand Road Animal Hospital in Falls Village have cared for all our dogs over the years. Misaki also likes getting her hair and nails done there.

For lunch:
Passing by the Warren General Store each day I can’t help but stop for a lunch salad to-go or the artisanal food from Arcadia’s Kitchen to take home for later. Their green tomatillo salsa is a local legend.

Favorite dog park:
The Salisbury Community Dog Park is a happening spot for both four and two-legged. Just off Long Pond Road not far from the Sharon town line, it has easy access for fenced romping in both larger dog and smaller dog areas. While only 21 pounds, Misaki likes to think of herself as belonging to the former.

Favorite late afternoon kayak pond:
It’s a toss-up between these two nearby ponds—Mudge Pond in Sharon, and The Cedars Pond just down the dirt road from the Salisbury Dog Park. An easy launch at both for a quiet paddling session to wind down the work day.

For dinner:
Peter and I look forward to the return of our Thursday night routine at the Tap Room of The White Hart Inn. Tasty fish tacos and burgers are best eaten sitting at the bar with a glass of whatever is being poured.

7 East Shore Rd
New Preston

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