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Carol Cohen is a glass artist working with fused glass and mosaic techniques. Her glass artwork is created with mostly bold, bright colors and patterns. The results are quite whimsical. One of the methods she uses to create beautiful, original designs in glass is screen printing with enamel. The glass is then fired in an extremely hot kiln to set the images. When complete, she uses this glass to incorporate unique patterns into her finished products. Often times, she uses the “glass parts” that she creates to incorporate into mosaic art. The glass pieces are glued onto a pre-cut MDF wood shape and when dry, grouted. The transformation from before grouting to after is amazing.

Open by appointment. 

288 West Hyerdale Drive, Goshen

Art Room Atelier

Serving young children and families, with a focus on makers and mothers, Jessica J Russell – aka Messy Jessy – combines her background in architecture, fine art and motherhood in an immersive, beautiful environment for creative exploration and self inquiry. You can choose between working on site at The Art Shed, a new, intimate studio space on Meadow Street, or offsite through remote classes, public events and kits. Art Room Atelier in Litchfield partners with community organizations and the hospitality industry to connect families and local creatives. She has also begun offering flow coaching sessions for adults and creatives, a coaching process for healing and optimizing happiness through mindfulness and therapeutic art making. No experience necessary!

Art Room Atelier
144 Meadow St., Litchfield

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