Litchfield County: Happening in the Hills



Gilbert Clock Factory

The Gilbert Clock Company started its long history of clock making in December of 1828. It became one of America’s giants in the industry, spanning over 130 years. Originally known as Marsh, Gilbert and Company, it was founded by William Lewis Gilbert (1807-90) and his brother-in-law George Marsh when they purchased a clock shop servicing the Farmington and Bristol, Connecticut area. Around 1834, they moved the company to Dayton, Ohio but returned to Bristol after only a year. In 1837, John Birge joined the firm, and the name was changed to Birge, Gilbert, & Company. Shortly thereafter, Chauncey and Nobel Jerome and Zelotus Grant became partners with Gilbert, and in 1837 the company was know as Jerome, Grant, Gilbert, & Company. This company manufactured Jerome’s cheap brass-movement clocks. In October of 1841, Gilbert moved to Winchester (called Winsted at that time), Connecticut and purchased a clock factory with Lucius Clarke. This new partnership was named Clarke, Gilbert, & Company. They produced inexpensive brass clocks from 1841 to 1845 when William Gilbert bought out Clarke’s share and continued operations as W. L. Gilbert & Company. In 1848, Clarke re-purchased his shares and the firm was known as Gilbert & Clarke.
Wallens St.

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