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Unlock True Peace of Mind with Home Watch

Owning multiple homes requires constant travel planning, maintenance, anticipating weather-related complications, and more. Rather than take on all those concerns yourself, a local Home Watch professional can be engaged to outsource critical tasks. 

Mitigate Damage. Hiring a professional company to visit your home on a regular basis limits your exposure to undiscovered issues, and if they happen, allows you to make timely and informed decisions. These check-ins diminish the risk of common occurrences like winter leaks, HVAC failures, mold, pest infestations, and other costly complications.

Save Time. Managing projects for one home is tough, with multiple, there is never enough time. Complete those necessary tasks without having to be there in person. Keep the number of keys floating around to a minimum and use a single company that grants access, supervises as needed, and locks up so that any deliveries, repairs, or renovations stay on schedule. Home Watch services ensure tasks are completed as planned, by multiple vendors, in a secure fashion.

Enjoy Total Peace of Mind. Being able to spend time in each of your homes, and away from them, should feel blissful, not burdensome. Having a trusted and insured company available 24/7 that always looks out for your best interests, allows you to travel stress-free knowing you are protecting your assets.

For more information or to speak directly to a Home Watch professional, contact Brad Herget, founder of Home Watch of CT, at 

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