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By Clementina Verge

For more than a decade, whether seeking laser treatments, Botox, dermal filler, or topical skin care, clients have consistently turned to LaFrance Medical Aesthetics for natural, subtle results that enhance their beauty and self-confidence. Unlike many medspas, LaFrance Medical Aesthetics is a physician-centered medical practice, with Dr. Jeffrey LaFrance performing or directly overseeing all procedures.

In keeping with high standards and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Jeffrey LaFrance now offers a new treatment option called Sofwave. Rapidly becoming a highly sought-after treatment in many top cosmetic practices from New York to Los Angeles, synchronous ultrasound parallel beams denature proteins and promote new collagen formation, rejuvenating the face and neck for a revitalized appearance.

“Many different devices and treatments try to accomplish this,” explains Dr. LaFrance. “I extensively research these devices and techniques, seeking out those that provide the greatest benefit and consistent results for my patients. Surgical facelifts are the definitive treatment; however, many patients are not there yet, or do not want surgery at all. Other aggressive options can cause significant damage to the skin surface, leading to a long healing period and a high risk of side effects. Gentler, non-invasive solutions have shown only limited efficacy and require multiple treatments. Sofwave’s unique technology enables the controlled delivery of energy, while protecting the skin surface with an integrated cooling mechanism, resulting in no downtime with an extremely low risk of side effects.” 

Usually only one session is needed to produce lasting and effective results.

Ideal Sofwave candidates are men and women of all skin types, with mild to moderate sagging brows, face, and neck skin. Benefits include tightened, firmer skin, and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment and ProNox (nitrous oxide) can be administered during the procedure. Patients will feel some discomfort on the skin with each pulse. The treatment takes about 45-60 minutes and patients can resume their daily activities immediately afterward.

With Sofwave, stimulation of new collagen and elastin is occurring, and that process always takes 3-6 months. Most people will begin to see changes around 4 to 6 weeks post treatment, but these will be small compared to the end result, which is typically seen in 12–24 weeks.

“Many patients prefer this kind of natural and discreet result to a quick change because it’s not noticeable to others that they have had something done,” Dr. LaFrance observes. “Depending on the individual, most are satisfied after only one treatment session. Others may need an additional session after a few months.”

“Sofwave is not meant to replace any of the existing treatments we offer at LaFrance Medical Aesthetics; rather, it complements and works synergistically with other modalities. To successfully address the changes associated with aging without surgery,” Dr LaFrance notes, “It typically requires a comprehensive approach combining Botox and dermal filler, along with skincare and energy-based treatments.” In the hands of a skilled aesthetic physician these tools too can create a more natural, younger appearing YOU! —

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