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COVID-19: 30 Things to do in Litchfield County

COVID-19: 30 Things to do in Litchfield County

While we agree with the local NY Times best-selling author Gabby Bernstein’s Corona virus pandemic advice “Do Nothing”, we’ve been compelled to come up with a list of 30 things to do when COVID-19  and self-isolation are driving you and yours bonkers.

  1. Remember your neighbors. Anything that you can spare in your pantry, that isn’t expired, could be dropped off to FISH of NWCT – located in Torrington. They need food donations for the hundreds of homeless people that they take care of each month.

  2. Keep moving, get out in nature, take a hike.  Steep Rock and Hidden Valley in Washington, and Macricostas Preserve in New Preston are some of our faves.
  3. Support our local businesses. Purchase gift certificates from them now to give as future gifts or to use when you are ready to go shopping again.
  4. Head outdoors for an electric bike ride! Covered Bridge Bikes in Cornwall rents electric bikes and provides you with scenic routes to enjoy. Bikes are thoroughly sanitized before and after each use. The outdoor adventure will do your mind and body good. Make a reservation once they are allowed to reopen.
  5. Start growing veggies indoors, plan for a new flower bed or a summer veggie garden, dream big! Local horticulturalist and author, Tovah Martin, has great gardening advice. Follow her on Facebook.
    litchfield garden
  6. Buy local eggs and milk from your local farmer. @WarrenValleyFarm sells beautiful mixed color eggs. Get local granola from @troybrookbakery – they will arrange a pick-up time. Just message them.
  7. Many restaurants that typically don’t do takeout are now doing so – Arethusa al Tavolo in Litchfield and Swyft in Kent are two of them. And many more are offering curbside pick up – like J.P. Gifford Cafe in Sharon and Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield. Call ahead and ask. Buy a gift card to use once they reopen. They are trying to stay afloat during this challenging time. 
  8. Kids need a diversion? The Silly Sprout in Litchfield is delivering Craft Kits to go. Call 860-361-9500. $15 each, includes 1 plaster (paint and brush), a fresh tub of play-doh, a reusable sticker scene, and a bracelet beading kit. When stores open again Heron in Kent has games, art supplies, and other fun things to keep the kids entertained.

    Heron in Kent
    Heron in Kent
  9. Help our local businesses out by purchasing a gift certificate. This will provide them with much-needed revenue during this sudden unexpected loss of business. And you can gift your favorite nurse with it or use it for things you would have bought anyway.
  10. Take a long bubble bath.
    bubble bath
  11. Stay up to date with the latest local news on Robin Hood Radio, the smallest NPR station in the country – and all ours! And of course 97.3 WZBG – the local Litchfield station.
  12. Pretend you don’t have heat and enjoy a night out by the fire pit. Yes, it’s chilly, but wrap up and sit out by the fire and relax! Have a storytime outside under the stars – with or without kids!
  13. Do some online shopping with one of our local boutiques. @bjohnstonefashion carries designer resell items, as well as new fashion-forward pieces. @oliphantdesign has tons of bright and sunny dresses for warmer days ahead, and @jseitz has a selection of socially conscious goods for your home.

    J Seitz
    J Seitz
  14. Since libraries are closed, read digitally, download an audiobook, or catch up on your podcasts – local author Dani Shapiro’s Family Secrets is a great one to check out.
  15. Go outside and run through an open meadow. You know you’ve always wanted to do it. Now you have an excuse. But don’t forget your tick spray.
  16. No matter what, if you’ve touched something, don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth, and wash your hands well. Remember to drink lots of water!
  17. If you need something from @ace_hardware_of_woodbury or ace_hardware_of_kent they will deliver to you. Just call them to set up.
  18. Skip grocery lines and join your local CSA – they will have fresh veggies before you know it. Local and fresh (without the long lines) is a winning combination in our book!
  19. Go out and cut some forsythia branches, bring them in and brighten up your home.
  20. Binge-watch those Netflix series and Oscar-winning films that you’ve been wanting to watch – guilt-free! Tiger King, anyone?
  21. Your pet might get stir crazy too. When the stores open again, pick up a new toy for Fido at @litchfieldpet_supply. They are offering curbside service during the virus outbreak.
  22. House of Books in Kent and Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington Depot are going to need your support once this ends. Remember to shop local.
  23. Work on one of those issues you’ve been wanting to deal with but haven’t had the time – call local coaches @TalFagin and Patti Garland of @healthymethodwellness for some inspiration and support.
  24. Be kind to your neighbors and self, stop hoarding toilet paper and obsessing over COVID-19….and meditate instead.
  25. Boost your immune system! Jessica Grant, licensed psychotherapist and owner of  Prima Wellness, located in Litchfield, can prescribe some immune-boosting ayurvedic mocktinis for you.
  26. Get working on that interior design project – consider keeping things local. We have many custom furniture makers and interior designers in the area. For many reasons, especially right now, keeping it local is to your advantage. RT Facts, located in Kent, is continuing to manufacture custom pieces and can deliver locally. Dunes and Duchess will custom make your lacquered piece for you to pick up in Danbury. Check out Dumais Made in Bantam for beautiful handmade ceramics including modern lighting pieces.
  27. Girls need their girl time. Have a quarantini face time gathering with your friends! Grab your favorite cocktail and catch up during a virtual hang out. Share the latest on what you’ve been doing to preserve your sanity during COVID-19.
  28. Try needle felting. Contact [email protected] for supplies and kits.
  29. Workout from home with one of our locals. Workout queen Wanessa Anderson, owner of @wrhythmfitnessstudio in Kent, has some online classes you can take.
  30. STAY CONNECTED….but keep your COVID-19  distance. And remember, this too shall pass.
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