Living Well in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Mary Beth Lawlor

Winchester Land Trust

The Winchester Land Trust is a private, nonprofit, service organization, directed and managed by its members. Their purpose is to promote, for the benefit of the general public, the preservation of open space and natural resources, principally in, but not limited to, the Town of Winchester. They serve as steward of the town’s rural character and natural heritage, striving to foster the preservation of Winchester’s unique lands forever. Working with government representatives and public and private landowners, the Trust informs and educates the community to promote the benefits of land conservation and balanced growth.

Every year, the Winchester Land Trust puts on many events where volunteers are needed.

Winchester Land Trust
P.O. Box 10, Winchester Center

Salisbury Association Land Trust

The mission of the Salisbury Association Land Trust is to preserve cherished vistas, pristine water, agricultural fields, and important wildlife habitat, while making large areas available for public enjoyment. Additionally, the land trust puts on exhibits with nature themes at the Academy Building and sponsors lectures with environmental themes at the Scoville Memorial Library. For local students, the land trust funds environmental education programs and field trips, and students participate in projects at land trust properties. Currently, the Salisbury Association Land Trust preserves more than 3,000 acres of important forest, agricultural, ecological and scenic resources in conservation easements and fee land ownership.

The land trust is always looking for volunteers and committee members. Contact the Salisbury Association to find out more.

Salisbury Association Land Trust
P.O. Box 553, Salisbury

Plymouth Land Trust

The Plymouth Land Trust, Inc. is a local, non-profit organization formed to permanently protect land in Plymouth, Connecticut for its natural, recreational, scientific, scenic, historical, or agricultural value. The Land Trust originated in 1967 with the donation of 25 acres. They now have almost 125 acres, all through donations by individuals who wish to leave a legacy of permanently protected land. They depend on volunteers who want to make a difference and care about conserving land for future generations. 

P.O. Box 76, Plymouth

Norfolk Land Trust

The Norfolk Land Trust (“NLT”), an all volunteer organization, was created in 1982 to encourage the preservation of natural heritage and open space in Norfolk, Connecticut. Their resources include pristine water courses, beautiful wetlands, meadows and woodlands, and the plants and animals whose habitat it is. NLT is interested in helping preserve tracts of land which support conservation, recreation, scenic and local historical and cultural values. To date NLT has protected more than 4,000 acres of open space with conservation easements.

Norfolk Land Trust
P.O. Box 363, Norfolk

The Roxbury Land Trust

In an effort to preserve Roxbury’s heritage and landscape, the Roxbury Land Trust focuses on conserving open space, preserving Roxbury’s history, saving the farms, protecting the waterways, offering recreational access, and educating residents with educational walks and hikes throughout the year. The Land Trust maintains 32 preserves, most of which are open to the public. Today 3,675 acres are conserved as open space under the Trust’s stewardship.

The Roxbury Land Trust can always use volunteers. Some ways to help out include monitoring and maintaining trails and preserves, guiding trail walks, and accompanying school groups on preserves outings.

Roxbury Land Trust
P.O. Box 51, Roxbury

Heritage Land Preservation Trust

The Heritage Land Preservation Trust (HLPT) is an independent nonprofit organization, founded in 1968. They have saved over 600 acres of land, and helped residents and landowners protect and conserve their land, forests, farmlands, ponds and rivers by creating public nature preserves. Their mission is to act as stewards of the land, waterways and wildlife entrusted to us by landowners, in perpetuity; and to engage in and otherwise promote the scientific study of and to educate the public in regard to the preservation of surrounding natural resources.

The HLPT is always in need of the time and expertise of new volunteers.

Heritage Land Preservation Trust 
P.O. Box 596, Torrington

New Hartford Land Trust

The New Hartford Land Trust is an all-volunteer, private non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting the permanent preservation and protection of farmland, forest, and other open space and natural resources in New Hartford. They also have activities in safeguarding interesting geological features and areas of ecological value; preserving unique scenic, natural and historic sites; and educating the public about its local natural resources.

They depend on members to support operations, insurance, mailings, land maintenance expenses and most importantly, to acquire land.

New Hartford Land Trust
P.O. Box 272, New Hartford

Sharon Land Trust

The mission of the Sharon Land Trust is to act as stewards of the lands through preservation and conservation for the benefit of nature and the community.  The Trust holds conservation easements on more than 1800 acres and owns more than 1400 acres. This land will remain open and unspoiled in perpetuity, for the use and enjoyment of everyone now and forever.

The Land Trust is always in need of volunteers! They can match a volunteer project to fit the volunteers interest.

Sharon Land Trust
P.O. Box 1027, Sharon 
Instagram: @sharonlandtrust

Pond Mountain Trust

The land and trail network at Pond Mountain Natural Area, maintained for everyone’s enjoyment by Pond Mountain Trust, are the enduring legacy of the late Myra H. Hopson of Kent. Established by Miss Hopson in 1966, the Trust administers a natural tract of nearly 800 acres in cooperation with the Connecticut Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. The purpose of the Trust is the perpetual preservation of the land in its natural state, as free as possible from all human interference, for scientific, educational, and cultural use. It is hoped that visitors will find it a place where body, mind and spirit are refreshed.

Pond Mountain Trust
120 Fuller Mountain Rd.

Kent Land Trust

Kent Land Trust is a local community land trust based in the foothills of northwest Connecticut, along the Appalachian Trail and the Housatonic River, and within a landscape of wildlife corridors, green valleys and watersheds supporting diverse species. Established in 1989, their mission is to preserve natural resources in Kent and surroundings through land protection, stewardship, and public outreach, education and research.

They welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities, and believe every person has something valuable to offer.

Kent Land Trust
P.O. Box 888, Kent

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