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Rejuvenate with Byrde + the b – SPONSORED

Regenerative treatments for skin, hair, and body

By Clementina Verge

After long winter months, it is time to walk confidently into the increasing sunshine, and Byrde + the b is the beauty destination for all your spring sprucing, from luxurious hair, to rejuvenated skin, and an energized body.

The award-winning Washington Depot luxury salon offers an impressive array of services to prepare you for the summer ahead. Whisk away winter reminders from your hair, whether with a fabulous new style and color by stylists Lucy Callaway and Angela Zweifel, or with a flattering haircut by James Serra, voted “Best Barber” for three consecutive years. Now entering his fourth year with BYRDEMAN at Byrde + the b, Serra is a longtime expert in the art of classic barbering, but with modern touches. 

In addition to its own line, Byrde + the b features haircare products such as Davines, free of synthetic additives, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. Instead, an appointment with any of the stylists ensures that what touches your hair is infused with natural goodness—such as organic red celery extract. Equally important are the Aura hyaluronic acid smoothing treatments that speed drying, reduce frizz, and hydrate. 

Along with healthy, shiny tresses, skincare is especially important since the body’s largest organ has endured through many cold, dry days. From acne to wrinkle removal, shake off the winter blues with personalized facials and treatments by Danielle Occhialini, a former beauty advisor and resident artist at luxurious labels including Lancôme and Chantecaille. 

Occhialini custom-blends peptides and creates individual serums for each client, while Fon-Lin Nyeu, a practitioner of Chinese medicine, stimulates sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles using acupuncture and Gua Sha massage.

Personalized facials in tandem with medical-grade Celluma and POLY LED light therapy, and the salon’s plethora of superior skin care products—such as the Vitamin A-infused Environ line, scar-reducing Mederma lotions, and melasma, acne, and anti-aging treatments—enhance overall skin health rather than merely concealing superficial signs of aging, notes owner Scott Bond. Expect brighter tone, reduced sagging, restored muscles, and increased collagen and elastin. 

The benefits of a salon visit extend to the entire body, especially when using the lymphatic compression drainage suit—a contactless massage that breaks down and discharges toxins, waste, and excess fluids from the body, along with promoting weight loss and cellular rejuvenation, and improved circulation.

Likewise, the salon’s BEMER devices use pulsed electromagnetic fields and are a groundbreaking innovation in modern preventative medicine. A session improves circulation by 30 percent, notes Bond, and supports the body’s natural healing and recovery processes. 

“We stand for more than just great hair and skin,” he assures. “We are committed to all-over health.”

Whether you want to shake off the winter blues with a hot shave, a scalp treatment, a gentle laser or Botox treatment with Dr. Jeffrey LaFrance, or an anti-aging LED light therapy session, give Byrde + the b a call. Jessie Edholm, the salon coordinator who seamlessly organizes and orchestrates appointments, will make sure you’re ready to stand in the spring sunshine with confidence and beauty.
10 Titus Rd., Washington Depot

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