Litchfield County: Happening in the Hills
October 23, 2021

Ways of Seeing

The Washington Art Association’s “Ways of Seeing” exhibition on view October 23 through November 12 features the work of photographers Lazlo Gyorsok, Sallie Ketcham, Catherine Noren, and Vi Owens. Their images should be understood as individual artistic constructions or interpretations rather than replications of the subject matter.

Serious photographers can often be heard echoing Ansel Adams, the renowned landscape photographer, to the effect that they don’t “take” photographs, they “make” them. The photographs offered in this exhibition exemplify this perspective. Although there is a significant degree of overlap in the subjects these photographers have selected, and their aesthetic approaches also have points of similarity, they come from distinctly different backgrounds and approach their work from varied perspectives. Many of the images in this exhibition are landscape or nature photos that evince a strong interest in the play of atmosphere upon the land. Nevertheless, four different ways of seeing are discernible in this exhibition. Fortunately for us as viewers, one of the things that these artists have in common is the talent to convey to us a personal vision. Through their work, we are privileged to see the world through their eyes and implicitly encouraged to bring a new level of self-awareness to our own observations, to see fresh and to view more deeply and purposefully.
Washington Art Association & Gallery

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