Litchfield County: Happening in the Hills
March 17, 2021

Plant Wisdom Wednesday—Herbal Anointing Oils

Our ancestors used oils in ceremony and ritual hundreds and even thousands of years ago. In some folk magic traditions, oils can be used for both anointing people and objects, blessing them with the energies and essences infused into the oil. As a spellwork tool, used to amplify magic and intention, an herbal anointing oil could dress a candle, bless an amulet, and if made with safe ingredients, be rubbed onto the body. Join Bekah Sutter for this online chapter of Witch Crafting Wednesday: Herbal Anointing Oils as we explore a brief history of story and use, what makes up herbal anointing oils, and how you can make them with ingredients you may already have at home or easily foraged! We will go over many ingredients including different carrier oils, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, crystals and more; as well as other elements to keep in mind when crafting a magical herbal oil such as color, numerology, and lunar/solar infusions to name a few!

Witch Crafting Wednesday: this crafting circle is witchy, creative and fun! Herbalist and witchy sister, Bekah Sutter, leads each monthly gathering as we explore a mystical topic and create a handmade craft together. Join us on this journey while we delve into elemental themes and ritual, and make our own magical tools with gifts from the earth. Each gathering is meant to reignite your intuition, bring on the magical vibes, and light your inner creative fire. Come get witchy and crafty with us!

Bekah Sutter is a blossoming community herbalist & artist residing in the rolling hills of Northwest Connecticut. Bekah’s passion lies in combining the healing physical, energetic & plant spirit magic of the herbal world with the creating of beautiful hand-crafted artwork and herbal remedies.

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