Living Well in Litchfield County, Connecticut

October 4, 2022

Introduction To Aromatic Herbalism

Join us as herbalist Ilana Sobo teaches an Introduction to Aromatic Herbalism!

Have you ever been curious about the practical and healing benefits of incorporating aromatic plants into your daily life? If so, this ONLINE hands-on course is for both the beginner enthusiast and seasoned aromatherapy lover. Join us for a deep dive into the miraculous world of aromatic plants, trees, flowers and roots. In this four-part workshop we will be exploring the multifaceted ways aromatics can benefit us in all sectors of our life. Besides their beautiful scents and aromas, aromatic plants help heal the body, emotions and spirit in deep and lasting ways. Learn the exciting history of Aromatherapy, how to work with aromatics safely, about aromatic plants for specific health challenges and how to make various self care products and luxurious skin supporting aromatic formulations. We will be talking about must have aromatic plants to keep close and the many ways we can work with them in their varying forms from seed to root to table. We will also talk about the basics of blending essential oils as well as ways to prepare meals with aromatics.


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