Litchfield County: Happening in the Hills
April 14, 2021

Edible Flowers – Delectable Beauty in Your Garden

Wed, Apr 14th @ 1:00pm

Edible flowers are characterized by subtle and not so subtle flavors and aromas, delicate texture and a rainbow of color. Most are easy to cultivate and they often are already present in our gardens and fields. Learn what flowers you can use, and plan ahead to cultivate them for an impressive addition to summer salads and drinks.
About Lawrence: Lawrence Davis-Hollander is founder and former Director of the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy, author of Tomato: A Fresh-from-the-vine Cookbook, and former garden writer for Heirloom Gardener, Grit and Yankee Magazines. He is a landscape gardener and garden designer working for clients in Litchfield and Berkshire Counties. He studied ethnobotany at Harvard University with Richard Evans Schultes one of the world’s foremost ethnobotanists. He was Director of Horticulture at the Berkshire Botanic Garden, has farmed organically, and started gardening at age 12. In his spare time he gardens!

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