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October 8, 2022

Book signing & chat with author Caroline Nastro

Saturday October 8. 2-4 pm 
Book signing & chat with author Caroline Nastro
A benefit for the Cornwall Child Center

A few years ago, I became very interested in birds. I started learning about how amazing these little creatures are. Here are a few fun facts:

Birds can identify the constellations in the night sky and find the North Star.
Birds see more colors of the light spectrum than we do.
The flight feathers of birds have little hooks that hook and unhook during flight to be more aerodynamic.
And some little birds take longer to learn how to fly than others. Their parents try different ways of encouraging these reluctant birds to fly, such as by tempting them with delicious caterpillar treats.

When I learned about these reluctant fledglings, it reminded me of when I was little and went to nursery school for the very first time. I hid in my cubby and wouldn’t come out. One day my teacher brought me hot chocolate and it smelled so good that I crawled out of my cubby for a sip. And so a story was born about a little bird who refuses to learn how to fly, like a little child who is afraid to try something new. When Little Birdlands by accident in a big city, he discovers that the world is more amazing thanhe ever imagined, and he finds the courage to soar. I collaborated on this book with a wonderful illustrator from Romania named Anca Sandu and the amazing publishing team at Clavis Books, a Belgian children’s book publisher.

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