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POP Architecture

Design studio distinct among boutique firms for its family makeup as well as its multidisciplinary organization: representing expertise in architecture and construction.

1110 2nd Avenue, Suite 301, New York

Scot Samuelson

Includes both residential and commercial projects with a focus on providing each client their full attention and dedicated service.

Scot Samuelson
41 Keeler Rd, Sharon

Stone Architecture

Stone Architecture is committed to cultivating strong client relationships. They believe that meaningful spaces resonate with their context and needs of clients.

Stone Architecture
131 North St, Roxbury


T2studio is an architectural firm that also specializes in custom cabinetry and procurement. They create custom visual options for each individual project.

63 New Milford Rd West, Bridgewater

Hendricks Churchill

Architectural and interior design firm rooted in authenticity. Their richly layered designs are grounded in vision and executed with meticulous craftsmanship.

Hendricks Churchill
91 Main St, Sharon

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